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Tao of Integration

Tao of Integration is a fresh approach to revising much of the misunderstanding and miscommunication about medical systems and the trend toward integration of medicine in the 21st century.

Why is conventional medicine the target of so much criticism from patients with chronic disease? What are the vicissitudes of integration in medicine? This book is a ‘lens’ through which the reader may better understand the issues and challenges – as well as many of the existing solutions – in the achievement of a widespread, competent and professional standard of integration in medicine.

Written for medical professionals and students of all disciplines, the Tao of Integration nonetheless contains much insight for the lay-patient who seeks better understanding of how best to manage conditions of illness – their own or that of a loved one.

  tao integration


The Tao of Healthy Eating

This book presents both the traditional Chinese teaching on preventive and remedial dietary therapy as well as addressing such modern Western concerns as high cholesterol, candidiasis, and obesity. The author begins with an introduction to the basic theories of Chinese medicine as they relate to digestion, diet, and health. He then goes on to discuss Chinese dietary recommendations for the most commonly seen Chinese patterns of imbalance amongst Westerners.


Statements of Fact in Traditional Chinese Medicine Completely Revised and Expanded

This book is a completely new, revised, and expanded edition of this work. It now includes:

Many more important and useful statements of fact Chinese characters for every statement
Pinyin Romanization for every statement Bob Flaws's commentary explaining the clinical meaning of each statement

At last, what every TCM student has been looking for, a linguistically accurate, succinct list of the key statements of fact in TCM which, as a style of Chinese medicine, is largely a word game. However, to be effective at playing the game, one needs to know the words. Hopefully, this book will help Western students gain both clarity and proficiency in the process and practice of doing TCM.


I Ching: A Traveler's Book of Changes

Spiral of Change While time is changing, one may ask, are we the actor or the task, winding destiny''s spring with our ceaseless acts.


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