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Not many people begin a medical career with an apprenticeship to a medicine man. But in the year 2000, that's what Christian did. 

And in 2005, he passed his board certification. Christian maintains his license to practice in Colorado. 

But he also got a post-graduate degree in East-West Medical Integration in 2008. 

Frustrated with the lack of innovation inside mainstream medicine, he set out to change the way medicine was taught. 
Teaming up with several doctors along the way, Christian created two medical education companies. 

He also established two hospital-based teaching clinics — one on the south side of Chicago... the other in Central America. 

Today, he is mostly an educator, though he still sees a few patients in his clinical practice. 

With a specialty in digestive health, Christian has created online material to help patients solve some of the most difficult - and common - digestive conditions. 

From IBS to acid reflux, Christian's material has helped thousands of people recover better digestive health.

But because digestive is the cornerstone of healing, he also published solutions to a variety of severe chronic conditions - from pain to anxiety... arthritis to insomnia... 

Christian catalogued dozens of solutions to the exact problems that simply don't respond to mainstream medical treatments inside his Nix Institute For Self-Healing And Integration.

Christian focuses on showing how individual patient's can manage and even eliminate their chronic symptoms. 

Christian's published works include four books for medical professionals. And a special treatise for patients who want to take back control of their health.

His last book, The Patient Empowerment And Self-care Manifesto is available as part of his Nix Institute for Self-healing and Integration

If you think your body is capable of healing itself to a much greater degree than anyone in modern medicine is willing to admit... 

And if you want the benefits of his 20+ years of study and practice in this area, we urge you to check out Christian's work. 
Nearly one in five people suffer from acid reflux on a regular basis. 

Reflux medications may provide temporary relief for some... But at what cost? If you're like most people, you may not even know you have a choice.  

In addition to the fact that acid blocking medications ultimately weaken your digestion - making your condition much worse over the long-term...

Modern medical doctors ignore the most important element of your digestive system — your specific pattern of organ imbalance

The ability to discover a hyper-specific focus on the exact underlying cause of your acid reflux  is what makes the Pivot Protocol so unique and valuable. 

With Just Four Simple Questions...

I can tell you the specifics of your Acid Reflux — in a way your doctor never learned.

Here's a short video about why The Pivot Protocol is so effective at treating all four types of acid reflux — without pills... 

No matter how long you've been suffering.  

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