A Masters Class In MD Referral Traffic  

My BIG ‘secret’ to doing all of this is a little formula I created through good old-fashioned hardcore experience and of course tons of hard work.

When I walk you through this formula, you will see that every major talking point you would ever have to discuss with mainstream medical professionals is covered. But what may not be obvious is the psychology of why you must talk to MDs in a certain way and so I will explain what that psychology is and how and why I am doing it as we go along.


Fast Track To Mainstream Practice Success  

In case you haven’t realized it, the game has changed and the NEW era of Healthcare reform is now upon us.  I hope this doesn’t come as a shock or uncomfortable and unwanted intrusion, but there are some pretty key points that you need to consider and act upon if you are not going to get swept aside in the mad dash to create our new system

Presenting To Patients For $erious Profit

If You Don't Have A System-Solution For Presenting Your Services To 21st Century Patients About What Matters To Them And Why Your Service Is So Valuable . . .

Then You Might As Well Start Checking The Classifieds For Another Job For The Day You Finally Give Up Your Medical Career In Frustration, Disgust And Failure.


A Barefoot Guide To East-West Integration In Medicine

What’s the most important, practical how-to advice for prosperity, position and prestige during this era of healthcare reform?  Why is this historical moment so special and why should you care? What should you be most focused on during this HUGE shift in medicine?

The answers to all the above is the same . . .

Magnetic Attraction In Marketing To The Mainstream

If you are an acupuncturist or Chinese medical professional who has graduated from school and is going into practice, you may already have everything you need to create a second income stream . . . except a Marketing System. Let's face it, if you are an acupuncturist and Chinese medical professional, you may be struggling – not only financially, but also for the respect and prestige you deserve as a valuable player in the NEW healthcare delivery model of the 21st-century.


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