Christian Nix is the creator of Hospital Based Acupuncture training – the first A-to-Z comprehensive CEU curriculum totally focussed on shortening the time required for Acupuncturists to achieve success in mainstream medical settings.

Christian's programs on effective communication offer Acupuncturists and Chinese medical professionals access to proven tactics and strategies for Bridging The Communication Chasm – by far the biggest obstacle to your real career success and inclusion in mainstream medicine.

"The Mainstream of Conventional Medicine is LOOKING FOR YOU like never before.

I can help you make it!"      - C. Nix




Life is too short to fill it with adversarial situations.

That's why I like to be upfront about my role and my teaching material.

Everything I offer comes with a money back guarantee.

I do that because I believe in the quality of my work.

But some students seem intent on making a bad name for others when they complain “my purchase of your material didn’t change my career” and then it becomes obvious that no work was actually done to implement and execute anything.

Peoples’ ideas about work – what it is and how it should be done – vary greatly.

As far as I can tell this is a more or less a modern phenomenon.

When I work, I like to be foaming at the mouth a little bit and blowing snot from my nose.

You cannot ignore how you work and how you face your responsibility to create value. You are either objectively honest or not.

Nothing I can teach you will make you successful or better off unless and until you will execute.

So, if you really don’t like to work . . . Better we part here as friends.

Please . . . If you won't do any work . . . save us the unpleasantness of buying anything.

Be A Contrarian . . .

The last tip I can give you to make the most of our relationship is a decision by you to think in a contrarian way – about everything.

Acupuncture and the Chinese medical world . . .

The world of conventional medicine . . .

Don't leave it to congress or anyone else to give you the career you want. Go out and make it.  Help others and charge according to the market value of your skill.

Nothing could be more straightforward.

The incredible benefit and boon of being in acupuncture is that you get to create and actually leverage your own uniqueness and individuality at a time when civilization itself seems on the brink because of the madness of old, institutional thinking.

Think for yourself! Come up with solutions and learn how to offer value everywhere you go.

Distance yourself from mob mentality regarding our chosen profession – and especially about what it takes to achieve real satisfaction and financial success.

The majority is always wrong about pretty much everything.

Lastly, I will be talking somewhat frankly about money and wealth. This is the non-PC approach to making a real living. If you are freaked out about money, it is very likely you don’t have any.

Get over this quickly or there will be nothing anyone can do to help you. Make up your mind that a little righteous greed is good when it comes from helping other people.

With this advice, you should get maximum benefit from my work.

I promise two important things about all I have to teach you:

  1. It works
  2. I have done it

Here’s How You Can Get Value . . . Starting Today:

Go to my home page and read some of the articles on my site or watch a video I have posted about a topic of your choosing.

Consider signing up for my Mainstream Practice Digest or my other  free trainings.

If you get real value from something free, consider buying my stuff when I make you an offer.

Simple, no?

Thanks for reading this and let's get to work!



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