Christian Nix is the author of Tao of Integration and Hospital Based Acupuncture Essentials and the founder and chief instructor of Barefoot Medicine Academy and Hospital Based Acupuncture Training. In addition to his Guatemala Hospital Externships, he also writes for his Mainstream Practice Digest and Mentoring – the only newsletter in the industry specifically targeted for Chinese medical professionals who are ready to go for mainstream practice success. His coaching and mentoring group is deliberately kept to a minimum of highly motivated and visionary professionals who see mainstream inclusion as the essential next step for Chinese medical practice.

Christian was fortunate to receive a mentorship / apprenticeship education as his introduction to holism and Chinese medical practice. His first book, Tao of Integration, offersa distinctly different and very empowering take on integration in medicine and is a direct result of his unique path.

Christian’s books, videos, newsletters and other information products and live appearances continue to provide valuable and time-saving practical how-to tips and advice to acupuncturists and Chinese Medical professionals who seek inclusion within the mainstream during this uncertain epoch of healthcare reform.